Beginners Photography Course

Have you an interest in photography and have a camera?  Does your images just not have that pop, that sparkle even though you have the same camera or even better than other people?  Do you always envy everybody else's photos but just don't know what your doing wrong?


Does the mention of changing your ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed scare you?  Do you always get that red eye look when using your flash?

Do you enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air?  Then this is the course for you, starting on 6th November 2018 for six weeks, dates here (November 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th and in December 4th and 11th ) on a Tuesday night from 7.30pm to 9.30pm in the Strand Hotel in Ballyliffin.

We will be running a beginners DSLR photography course showing you how to get the very best from your camera and really make your images stand out.  Don't worry if you have never done a course before or know nothing about your camera we will show you all.  We will be teaching you how to shoot in full manual mode, what does this mean?

Good question :)  

Sadly in today's world of technology we automatically assume that every single image we see has been photoshopped and filters applied.  This is true to a certain extent, BUT.......... if you know your camera's settings and can shoot in manual mode, you can create amazing images of your family, friends, pets and landscape.

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Lessons are taught in a friendly easy going easy to learn manner.  No text books, no piles of paper to read through, but practical hands on experience with your camera.  You will learn how to take beautiful landscapes, how to take portraits and get them beautiful creamy blurred out backgrounds called bokeh.  You will learn about what makes a good photo an amazing image, you will learn about composition and all about light.

We live in one of the most beautiful locations in the country and we have beautiful light for photography.  After taking this photography course, your images will never be the same again.  Your photographs will be on a different level, you will be the person your family and friends will go to to take photos.  

The benefits include learning a new skill, a new hobby, making new friends, getting out in the fresh air and looking at the landscape and people in a whole new light. Finally taking amazing images that you LOVE.

Do I need an expensive camera and equipment?

All you need is a DSLR camera that can shoot in full manual mode, most DSLR cameras have this option now.

As long as you have the LOVE for photography and a DSLR camera that's all you need.  We will look after the rest and very quickly you will be surprised at the amazing images you will be creating straight from your camera.

Anybody that signs up for this course will get unlimited access to a private facebook page with loads of information and knowledge for you to use at your leisure again later.

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Now for the special part :)..........drum roll..........these courses have been so popular and enjoyable we are going the extra mile. So we have been asked many times before about something special, well we have a lovely treat in store for you all.


The very last night of the course as a special thank you for taking part we have a very special treat for you all.  Instead of the final night starting at 7.30pm we will be starting at 7.00pm and you will have dinner cooked for you in the Strand Hotel, Ballyliffin.  You will have a two course early bird meal, main course and dessert plus tea or coffee as well.  Then at 8.00pm we start the final part of the course until 10.00pm.  This will be a great amazing way to finish of the course with new friends made.  You will have a lovely meal and then finish up with some more photography.

Check out some of the reviews from our last course:



If you want to know more contact us at this link

What is the cost? 

For all this, six nights, plus dinner on the last night and access to a private facebook page it's just €95.00

Six Weeks Beginners Photography Course & Two Course Dinner On Last Night