Elena Shumilova is coming to Ireland

Elena Shumilova is coming to Ballyliffin, Clonmany, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland in September 2020.

2020 is going to be the BEST series of workshops to date.

Ireland was Elena Shumilova’s first ever location outside of Russia that she did workshops in and she has fallen in LOVE with Donegal, its landscape and its people. Donegal will always have a special place in Elena’s heart, and for those who have attended Elena’s workshops here and keep returning they too have that same warm feeling of love and genuine passion for Ireland. The Irish workshops are very special indeed, many photographers that have come here have said there is feeling about them like no other, a sense like they belong here.

At Photos From Ireland we are delighted to announce Elena will be here for two very special workshops in September 2020. Each and every year we are trying to be even better than the previous year and make the whole experience even better than before. With that in mind we are doing things different in 2020, we will have two slightly different versions of the workshop. We also have our very popular two day optional photography tour as well.


Workshop Details

Workshop Option One

There will be a meet and greet in the Strand hotel Ballyliffin the evening before (details will be sent via a confirmation email at time of booking) First workshop will be run on Sunday 20th September 2020 and this will be a one day workshop with a slightly different format from previous years. It will be one full day of hands on photoshoots and with beautiful locations and models. Elena will be showing how she sets up scenes and her method of shooting out on location. There will be no classroom based part to this workshop it will be more hands on practical experience and learning. After the workshop is over and everyone has returned home Elena will record herself editing some of the images taken during the days photo shoots and these videos will be sent via a download link to those attending the workshop. As a bonus option included as well Elena will also send some editing videos from past workshops as well so you can see how she edits in other different types of images in the past. These videos will be yours to keep.

There will be a lunch break in the middle (not included in price) and bus will be included to take everyone to the different locations on the day.

Limited to sixteen places maximum!


One Day Photography workshop on Sunday 20th September 2020 €560.00

Workshop Option Two

First day of workshop Elena will give a presentation of her work, equipment that she uses, camera settings, and her thought process behind her amazing images and how she sets up a scene. She will give advice on posing models, clothing etc... This section of the workshop will last for approx two hours and there will be a questions and answers section at the end. 

We will break for lunch (not included) and when we return a coach will take everyone to the photo shoot location. This location is world famous and is one of the beautiful and scenic places in Ireland. Elena will setup scenes and show photographer's how she shoots the scene. Photographers will then be split into two smaller groups, whereby one group will stay and photograph the first scene and the second group will go to another scene being setup. After a period of time photographers will be asked to swap over and change scenes. There will be plenty of chances to photograph this will be a very hands on workshop. There will be loads of different scenes setup during the course of the afternoon. This will last for approx 3.5 to 4 hours depending on weather could be longer.

At the end of the photo shoot session all photographers will be asked to choose two or three of their unedited images from the day straight out of camera and Elena will give constructive critique the next day in class. There is no pressure if somebody prefers not to do this but it will be a great opportunity to get advice from Elena herself. Second day of workshop will last for five hours and will be classroom based with two twenty minute breaks. Elena will show her editing from start to finish using Photoshop all hand edited and at the end of the workshop Elena will give videos of her editing so you can play back at your leisure when you go back to your home. This way you can follow her work in class and if you are confident with Photoshop you can work as well in the classroom. If you prefer to watch and learn you can do so and watch the videos she creates in the class at your own pace again later.

Limited to sixteen places maximum!


Two Day Workshop Mon 21st & Tue 22nd September 2020 €650.00

Optional Two Day Photography Tour Available

Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th September 2020 subject to demand there will be an extra option of a photography tour around some of the most amazing photoshoot locations that Inishowen, Co. Donegal has to offer. This was very popular on previous workshops and as a result we are extending the tour from a one day tour to a two day tour. Bus will collect photographer's in the morning from the Strand hotel venue and will be taken around the most scenic locations for landscape and portrait photography. 

There will be plenty of models on the day so you will have a chance throughout the day to photograph them all in different locations such as the top of mountains, old ancient forts, near the sea, waterfalls, old derelict buildings, etc.... Models will also be supplied for the day and there will be no direction from Photos From Ireland but the chance will be there for you to take in the beautiful locations and to build up extra special images for your own portfolios in your own style, Elena Shumilova will not be on this tour herself. Bus will drop everybody back at the hotel again in the evening. Please bear in mind you are in Co. Donegal where the weather can change very very fast and can be unpredictable. So it is advisable to make sure you have suitable clothing for outdoor conditions that can change quickly.  As these two days are outdoor locations please bring suitable clothing for different types of outdoor photography. The cost for this two day tour is €400.00 and includes a light lunch, this will be from the morning until the evening. We will stop off at different locations for refreshments and meals as well throughout the day (these are not included in the price). These beautiful photoshoot locations are along the beautiful and amazing Wild Atlantic Way.


Two Day Photography Tour 23rd & 24th October 2020 €400.00


Elena Shumilova One Day Photography workshop on Sunday 20th September 2020 €560.00

Elena Shumilova Two Day Workshop Mon 21st & Tue 22nd September 2020 €650.00

Two Day Photography Tour 23rd & 24th September 2020 €400.00

The Russian photographer and mother, Elena Shumilova, from Moscow, Russia is making a big splash again by sharing some great photo advice. In early 2014, her whimsical photos of her children went viral and inspired parents and photographers all around the world. Elena Shumilova's images have captured the hearts of millions of people across the world.  Elena Shumilova has a very distinct style of photography and you can now learn from Elena Shumilova in person right here in Ballyliffin, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

YOU CAN ALSO PAY FOR WORKSHOP IN INSTALLMENTS - Please contact us direct for more details.

Workshop Schedule

Any photographer that books on the workshops will be added to a private facebook group where by everyone will be kept up to date on what to bring, how to get here and general advice about the workshop itself. If you are bringing family and friends I am more than happy to help with organising activities for them, where to go, what to see etc... In the past families have done fishing, horse riding, climbing, cycling, etc... The facebook group is also a great way for everyone to get to know each other before they come to the workshops and even make travel arrangements as well if coming from the same locations across the world. Evening before workshop at 8.30pm all photographers and families will meet in the Strand hotel Ballyliffin for a meet and greet with Elena Shumilova and Brendan Diver. We will welcome everyone to the workshop and let them know the plans for the workshop over the coming days. As in past workshops these are informal, relaxed and a great atmosphere, we will have Irish traditional musicians playing in a typical local session after the meet and greet. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other, the Irish are renowned across the world for their friendliness and these workshops are no exception, you may arrive here a stranger but you will leave with many new friends.

Elena Shumilova's photos have been viewed by more than 60 million people worldwide and we are honoured to have been chosen as her first workshop location ever outside of Russia. Elena has taken the photography world by storm with her amazing images of her children and her farm in Russia. You can see her amazing work at

Elena Shumilova Website

Anybody attending the workshop can avail of a special deal with the venue, The Strand Hotel. 

The Strand Hotel Website

Accommodation and meals / drinks are not included as part of the workshops and tour pricing.

Anybody that books the workshop I will send on their details to our workshop partner the Strand hotel in Ballyliffin and they will contact the photographer direct to see if they want to make a booking. If you book direct with the hotel through their website it will be more expensive they are doing a promotion workshop package as above.  On receipt of booking workshops we will send you a confirmation email with details on making booking with hotel.  When you have booked the workshop our workshop partners The Strand Hotel will contact you via email to see if you would like to reserve a room at the hotel. We will also send you a booking discount code so you can avail of the discount for the accommodation. Rooms will not be showing available online as these have been reserved for everyone attending the workshops. Bookings with venue will be booked directly with venue and not with Photos From Ireland. We are close to three International airports, the City of Derry airport is approx only 40 minutes away and Belfast international Airport is approx only two hours drive away. Dublin airport is only three and half hours away.

Terms and conditions

Any bookings made for workshop are for the workshops and tours only. Accommodation, travel, food etc.... are extras and will be covered by the participants on the course. All fees paid are final and if a someone cancels place on workshop or tours fees are not returnable due to Elena travelling from Russia we need definite confirmed numbers to run course. Please do not book a place unless you are committed to attending as refunds cannot be given. In the event that Elena cannot attend course for any reason or Brendan Diver from Photos From Ireland has to cancel the workshop or tour due to unforeseen circumstances participants will have their monies returned in full for the workshop and tour. Monies paid for travelling, car hire, flights, accommodation etc..... are at the participants own expense. The weather in Co. Donegal is unpredictable and very changeable if it is unsuitable for taking photographs outside then alternative indoor location will be available inside for the workshop. The optional photography tour will be outside and as we will be travelling to different landscape locations for example top of mountains, near the sea, etc..... suitable outdoor clothing must be taken by the people attending. Because this is an outdoor photography tour please be prepared with suitable outdoor clothing.

Photographers must ensure that they have their own photography computer equipment insured and are responsible for it at their own risk. Elena Shumilova and Brendan Diver from Photos From Ireland or The Strand Hotel or any of the photoshoot locations or workshop partners are not responsible for your equipment. Please bring a laptop with photoshop installed for editing part of course, warm windproof clothing and strong shoes and boots, warm hat.